Collections and legal services on Commercial debt

Collections and legal services on Commercial debt

Collections and legal services on Commercial debt Collections and legal services on Commercial debt Collections and legal services on Commercial debt

About Us


Time Is Money

Smith, Cohen & Rosenberg LLC is a revolutionary collection agency that proves you can collect on those once thought uncollectible receivables! We are skilled professionals who service clients in industries that include Merchant Cash Advance, Factoring, Equipment Leasing & Finance and Commercial Debt.

Our firm works on a contingency basis, so there is no out of pocket cost to you if we don't collect!


Trust, Honesty & Integrity

What sets our firm apart from the others, is a true sense to treat every account as if it were our own money. No matter the size of the balance, we put the same efforts into each account we work!

We treat our clients with honesty and integrity and feel that a strong focus on our clients sets us apart from other firms.

We feel that the business relationship with our clients is key. Therefore, we have a full service Client Service team that will cater to your individual needs.

 Our office offers an individual client portal for each client, that allows the client to check the status of their account (s), make notes, run reports or to upload files or documents. 

We also customize remit schedules and reports based on your individual company needs. 


Because Results Matter

Smith, Cohen & Rosenberg LLC has over 50 years of Commercial Collections experience with specialty fields in all aspects of collections including Merchant Cash Advance, Factoring, Equipment Leasing & Finance, A/R Projects & Management and Commercial Debt.

 We are determined to find the best resolution to recover your assets and minimize your cost using a solution based approach. This method recovers your assets faster and at a lower cost to you. 

We work files the same day and work them efficiently, to maximize your recovery in the shortest amount of time with the smallest of cost. 

Our office also provides legal services for pre-litigation matters which include COJ's and judgments. We have a team of Attorneys across the United States of America.

Our collectors are IACC Certified (International Association of Commercial Collectors) and have the training to recover your outstanding receivables! 

With a team of experts, we are confident that we can provide unbeatable results!



How long should I wait to utilize your service?

If a customer is past due more than 60 days and isn't communicating with you, you shouldn't wait any longer to place the account with us. Customers who are communicating their intentions to pay, yet still become 90 days past-due should be placed for collections immediately. Although we often recover accounts well over a year past due, waiting to long to place an account can be a costly error in judgement.

What is the process if you can't collect and a lawsuit is necessary?

Although the majority of claims placed with us for collections will be recovered without the need for legal action, sometimes a lawsuit may be necessary to protect your financial interest. We have a team of Attorneys across the United States we utilize if necessary. 

How long will it take you to collect?

While there are many factors which may result in a slower than ideal resolution, in most cases our collection efforts will yield positive results within 10- 30 days. We can often recover accounts within just a few days from placement provided they're placed with us in the earlier stages of delinquency. 

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